We deliver quality and excellence in everything we do. This is to ensure that all the demands and needs of our clients and their families are met. Everything is designed with comfort in mind, and to ensure that our clients get to keep their self-respect and dignity while receiving the care and assistance that they need.

By recognizing the unique challenges faced by our clients, we can address their specific concerns and needs. We care with professional expertise while staying compassionate and innovative. The satisfaction of our clients and their families are our priority.

Home Care

Home is a safe and secure haven for seniors. It is where they feel most comfortable. When taken from their homes, seniors may feel that their independence and dignity are taken away from them. It may have a negative effect on their well-being.

With home care, Healing Hands brings care and support to the home of seniors. When seniors need care and attention due to an illness, injury, surgery or other condition, they would not have to move to a nursing home, assisted living facility or similar institution. They would not have to leave the safety of their home. Our professional carers will come to them to cater to their unique needs.

Companion Care

Having a companion can mean a lot to seniors living alone in their home. With companion care, seniors are provided with assistance in performing basic tasks and daily activities. Aside from providing personal help, professional carers can also offer social and emotional support which can boost the overall well-being of seniors.

Companion care is a type of home care which is designed for seniors who don’t require much caregiving services, but simply need companionship and basic assistance. This setup allows older adults to live comfortably and safely, knowing that they have a compassionate carer with them at home

Hospice Care

When someone has a life-limiting illness or is terminally ill, we want to make their remaining days as comfortable and positive as possible. Hospice care exactly offers this and more. Aside from providing end-of-life support, hospice care provides companionship, comfort, compassion and more.

On top of providing pain management and symptom control, this type of care makes the person’s last days more bearable. It improves the person’s quality of life while waiting for the inevitable. It covers not just physical, but more importantly, mental, social and emotional support. This makes it easy for family members to prepare for what’s to come as well.

Personal Home Care

Physical disabilities, chronic health conditions and injuries can make it difficult for older adults to perform certain personal activities. Personal home care is designed to help them with this endeavor. Professional carers provide help and assistance to older adults who are struggling with performing everyday tasks and activities.

Personal home care includes help with mobility, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and other personal activities. With help from professional carers of Healing Hands, clients would not have to move to a care facility. They can maintain their dignity and independence and receive personal care at home.

Disability Care

People with disabilities may find performing certain tasks or daily activities a challenge. Disability care is designed to support, assist and care for children and adults with disabilities. It is designed to help them achieve their full potential and be able to perform activities of daily living.

It can range from providing practical help like bathing, housework and other everyday tasks, to more complex and advanced care like continence. Aside from these supportive services, disability care also covers recreational, healthcare and social activities to improve the person’s emotional and physical well-being. When persons with disabilities need help, Healing Hands can always lend a hand.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia not only affect the person with such conditions. These can have an effect too on the emotional well-being of the persons’ families. With Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care from Healing Hands, clients are provided care and support throughout the various stages of the condition. Since these conditions can make things disorienting and confusing, it is important that the clients get to be cared for in the comfort of their home, which to them is a safe and familiar environment.

We provide compassionate and personalized care to help persons with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, especially as the condition progresses. Families also get the support they need in dealing with the challenges of caring for their loved ones.

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